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Ultimate Guitar Tuner, which is part of the powerful Ultimate Guitar Tools suite, is now available as a separate application. Ultimate Guitar Tuner keeps your instrument in perfect pitch wherever you are. You can use your mobile's built-in microphone, or tune by ear with our unique Brain Tuner.

  • · New and improved pitch detection algorithm
  • · Alternate tunings
  • · Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • · Mic level display
SettingsChoose between tuning scales or adjust the mic sensitivity to get perfect pitch wherever you are.
Note PanelSee which note you're playing without looking away from the screen for a moment.
Linear ScaleGet visual feedback while you tune so that every string is accurate - right down to the very cent.
Hz ViewSee the precise frequency of the pitch being played and build your understanding of sound.
Tuner TypeFast switching between a traditional tuner with a mic and our brain tuner to work by ear. It's the best of both worlds in a snap.
Brain Tuner PanelTune by ear like a pro, and train your hearing skills before snapping back to the chromatic tuner to check your progress.
  • Linear scale — Switch between linear and non-linear scales to suit your needs.
  • Loop in Brain Tuner — Loops the string sounds so you can practise tuning by ear for as long as you need.
  • Tapering Functions — Choose between five under-the-hood processing engines.
  • Microphone sensitivity — Help your tuner hear your strings clearly by setting the mic level to perfection.
  • Orchestra tuning — Change the base tuning pitch to experiment with temperament and tone.
  • Tunings — Choose between 50 tunings to dive into new genres and styles.
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